How much is web design?

Web design prices vary massively across the world. It depends on lots of different features like size, features, integrations. But the average price from a standard to enterprise level website ranges from £500-£5,000. Now this are numbers based on freelancers and high quality agencies across the world.

This is the sweet spot that businesses should be paying, for a high quality and professional website depending on there needs. However people quickly assume that this is too much for a website when they could just go to Wix or Squarespace and create their own. So what exactly are you paying for?

Firstly your paying for the design expertise. This is the experience of creating website that look appealing and interesting to the naked eye. This is important as it catches the customers attention and creates trust between them and your service, which massively increases the potential of them choosing you over another business with a less appealing website. This design aspect includes layout, colour combinations and call to actions – which get your customers to contact you, creating leads for your business.

Secondly your paying for the functionality of the site (the programs behind the websites appearance). this ensures that your site runs smoothly which keeps potential customers engaged and keeps the trust. If a website is performing badly with broken links and un-loaded images then it breaks the trust gives you and reputation – meaning a decreased potential in getting leads for your business.

Lastly is time. Although it’s easy to build your own, creating a website with high quality functionally and appearance is time consuming. With lots of design aspects and back and forths, it’s a work in progress and we ensure as web designers to deliver a website that is fully beneficial for your business.

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